W.I.N. Tea Sip Opposes Domestic Violence

On October 23, 2022, the Women in NAACP held its annual Domestic Violence Awareness event at the New Wall Street. This year’s theme was “Spilling the Tea on Domestic Violence.” This yearly event gives us an opportunity to bring awareness to our community while celebrating survivors and remembering those who have tragically lost their lives to Domestic Violence. During this event, our speakers not only raised awareness of domestic violence but provided those affected by abuse with resources and information on recognizing the signs of domestic abuse.

It is so important that we continue to have these conversations, not just during October, Domestic Violence Month, but throughout the year. Domestic Violence is not a private issue, a women’s issue or a family issue; it is a community issue that ripples into our workplaces, schools and entire communities.  Domestic violence has a significant economic impact which affects all of us. Therefore, we must continue to educate and advocate to bring not only awareness but an End to Domestic Violence.


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