Housing Scams and Renter’s Rights

NAACP DeKalb spoke with attorneys from Atlanta Legal Aid Society about what you can do to avoid getting scammed with housing purchases or rentals. See The Videos

Home-purchases and rental transactions both involve large amounts of cash, and cash attracts scammers.  Most people are inexperienced in this area of their life and should be wary of “special deals” and fast financing options.   There are predatory lenders in the marketplace that can challenge your knowledge with mortgage scams, bait-n-switch scams, mortgage fraud, and Loan Officers screw-ups.  Renting a house or apartment can present challenges as well.  How can you avoid being scammed or bilked out of large sums of money when purchasing or renting?  SEE FULL STORY

DeKalb County Branch Members Tour DeKalb County Jail After Allegations

Over 20 members of the DeKalb County Branch visited the DeKalb County Jail to speak with Sheriff Jeff Mann about conditions at the facility. Sheriff Mann lead a tour of the jail.

The NAACP DeKalb County Branch met with Sheriff Jeff Mann of the DeKalb County Jail on Wednesday, May 22, 2019. Teresa Hardy, President of the NAACP DeKalb County Branch, said “It is important that we work with the community to address issues that need to be resolved. That is why it was important that we address the concerns from the community with the Sheriff of the County Jail.”

OVER 20 Members of the NAACP DeKalb branch walked through the jail facility to review the operations and address concerns of inmates. NAACP DeKalb members toured the facility’s housing unit, medical and dental clinic, and GED classrooms. SEE FULL ARTICLE

Criminal Justice Committee Advocates for Restorative Justice

Members of #naacpdekalb and Bethel Baptist Church host the film, Healing Justice

April 22, 2019 – NAACP DeKalb Criminal Justice Committee and Bethel Baptist Church hosted a Restorative Justice watch on the film Healing Justice.  The film walks back through the history of violence that has led to our current system, bringing into focus the histories of trauma – on a personal, interpersonal, community, and generational level. This powerful documentary addresses the school-to-prison pipeline, the need for comprehensive criminal justice reform, and the importance of healing and restorative practices. 

https://youtu.be/jmTc3qwfII8. For more details and to download the free study guide, go to this link:


Our mission has been clear since our founding in 1909.  We work to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination.

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Discrimination is real. It happens everyday and it could happen to you.  If you have a discrimination complaint about an event that has occurred in DeKalb County Georgia let us know.  Contact us.

You may click here to download and print a Discrimination Complaint Form (PDF) based on:
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Mail the form to the address below, the Legal Redress committee will contact you within 24 hours in an attempt to resolve them where possible, or provide guidance to individuals on how to exercise their rights. The NAACP Dekalb County Branch may provide legal information and assistance to concerned citizens, but does not provide legal advice or legal information via e-mail. For legal advice, you should consult a local attorney.