March 28, 2020

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Georgia Voter ID Requirements

This year voting in the primaries will be March 24, 2020.  Georgia decided to avoid Super Tuesday in the election process.  There are some requirements you need to know about if you plan to vote.  What to bring with you

Georgia requires voters to show photo identification when they vote in person. Approved forms of identification include a Georgia driver’s license, even if it’s expired; a state-issued voter identification card; a valid U.S. passport; and a valid U.S. military photo ID.

Bring one of these six forms of identification to vote.   READ MORE

Upcoming Activities in the Area

  • Vote! Vote! Vote!

    Let your voice be heard. VOTE!. Early voting starts for the 2020 elections on March 2, 2020. Get all the details and voting dates here. CLICK BLUE CIRCLE WITH THE CHECK MARK

  • Remembrance Project

    A dedication ceremony will be held to remember the African Americans that were hanged in DeKalb County. March 29, 2020

  • Volunteers Needed for Schools

    Tutors Needed! Do You Care? Can You Make Time? WE WILL TRAIN YOU TO BE THE BEST TUTOR! BECOME A NAACP DeKalb Community Schools Volunteer Signup TODAY to help our children succeed. Parent & Community Involvement – Helping Children Succeed in School

Recent News

NAACP visits DeKalb County Jail to register inmates to vote

DECATUR, Ga (CBS46) —  The DeKalb County Chapter of the NAACP visited the DeKalb County Jail on the twelfth of February to offer inmates the chance to register to vote. In what has become an annual outreach program, authorized registrars received applications from 38 inmates.

“It is important that every citizen who has the right to vote also has a chance to exercise that right,” says DeKalb Sheriff Melody Maddox.  “Many incarcerated individuals don’t realize that they can still cast absentee ballots in elections while they are in custody, but they must first be registered voters.”

The NAACP explains the registration process to detainees, completes applications, and returns them to the county voter registration office. After the applications are approved, registered inmates are given absentee ballots for use in various elections. 

In Georgia, only convicted felons who have not yet complied with all their judicial system obligations are ineligible to register to vote.  News provided by CBS46 

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