We Can’t Stop Now, The Stakes Are Too High

Teresa Hardy, NAACP Dekalb President

NAACP Dekalb president, Teresa Hardy, was keynote speaker at the Black History program at Shy Temple Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. The Rev. Dr. James C. Clements is pastor. This was NAACP Dekalb Day at the church.

A full house listened as President Hardy reemphasized the theme of the event – We can’t stop now. The stakes are too high. She reminded the audience that even though we can point to a lot of accomplishments, the current climate in the USA demands that remain vigilant and continue our fight until all have justice, freedom, and equality. There was over a dozen members of the NAACP Dekalb branch in attendance for the event.

Here is the full presentation from the event on February 10, 2019.



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