RSC Emergency Services & Resources in DeKalb

Resident Services Corporation has provided a resource guide for DeKalb residents to help in time of need.  This Resource Guide offers at-a-glance information on emergency services and resources in the DeKalb County area. It was created by Resident Services Corporation (RSC) to enable the staff of RSC to help individuals and families seeking assistance. We hope it will be helpful to other advocates, agencies and community members. Services are listed by category, along with basic information.

This guide does not include all resources and services that are available. We cannot guarantee the quality or quantity of services offered by any other organization. We have done our best to present accurate, up-to-date information. Information listed may change without notice.

Resident Services Corporation’s mission is to enhance the lives of DeKalb County residents through community-based problem solving and neighborhood-oriented strategies that promote long-term self-reliance and self-sufficiency. Our programs focus on human development to underpin the economic stability, health, and wellbeing of Housing Authority residents and lowincome families in DeKalb County. Our programs include direct services to families and individuals, as well as referrals and the utilization of partners and resources relating to the following activities:


Contact: Phone: 404-270-2531 Website: Address: 750 Commerce Dr., Decatur, GA


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