President NAACP Speaks Before Senate

Earlier today, President Johnson stood before the Senate Judiciary Committee and urged them to reject William Barr’s nomination to be the next Attorney General.

With an appalling record on protecting the civil rights of our nation’s most vulnerable communities, Mr. Barr is not just the wrong choice to lead the Department of Justice into the future, he’s a dangerous one.

In his testimony, President Johnson called for the Committee to not just reject Mr. Barr’s nomination, but to help move our country toward a future that promotes equal justice for all with vigor and resolve. You can add strength to that call by making a generous donation to the NAACP today.

Let’s make today an incredible show of support for justice and for equality. Let’s make this a powerful moment where we reject the hate and bigotry that divides us and take a stand for our country and our future.

As President Johnson noted during his testimony, under President Trump and former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, we have witnessed the worst erosion of civil rights in modern history.

The next Attorney General must reject these discriminatory policies and strongly enforce our nation’s civil rights laws. And William Barr’s record simply disqualifies him from leading the Department at this critical time in history.

Mr. Barr was a general in the War on Drugs, which devastated communities of color. He repeatedly praised Sessions’ leadership on precisely those actions that have undermined the rights and protections of African Americans. And he lacks the record of commitment to civil rights required by a leader entrusted with the solemn duty of promoting equal justice for all.

Today, President Johnson took a stand and strongly urged the Senate to vote against William Barr’s confirmation. Will you stand with him?

Please, make your generous donation to the NAACP today and help us keep fighting to make America just for all.

Thank you for your continued support and for stepping up in this crucial moment.


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