NAACP Wins Suit Against USA

We just won a huge ruling in federal court—you need to know about this:

This administration’s plans for the 2020 census would drastically undercount African Americans and other people of color across the country. And an undercount like that would lead to unequal political representation and reduced federal funding for communities of color.

So the NAACP and our allies are challenging the administration’s census plans in federal court. And just yesterday, a District Court judge rejected the government’s motion to dismiss our lawsuit, writing “[T]he census must be conducted in a way that will not thwart the goal of equal representation.”

General Counsel Brad Berry

NAACP general counsel Bradford Berry and attorneys leave federal courthouse in Greenbelt, MD. Photo: Michael Kunzelman, AP  

That means our lawsuit moves ahead. And we’ll keep fighting with everything we’ve got.

You can help support this work—make a donation to support the NAACP in our fight to ensure the census is administered fairly.

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