More Xenophobic Rhetoric

Derrick Johnson, President and CEO – NAACP

We don’t know the exact words that Donald Trump will use during his address to the nation tonight.

But we do know that the information he will use to justify his call for a wall on our southern border will almost certainly be grounded in half-truths and blatant lies.

A border wall will not remedy America’s broken immigration system, and using primetime television to further stoke fears about immigrants—with the weight of the Oval Office as the backdrop—is both dangerous and irresponsible.

The NAACP will not stand by and allow the Trump administration to keep using America’s immigrant communities as scapegoats for his racist agenda—and we need supporters like you with us in the fight.

Can I count on you to have our back? A donation right now will go a long way to combat the Trump administration’s politics of hate and division.

It shouldn’t be lost on any of us that at the same time that President Trump is calling for a border wall that the country cannot afford and does not need, he’s holding federal government workers as political hostages.

Federal employees are going without pay during an unnecessary shutdown, all because the President sees them as pawns and not people.

The xenophobic rhetoric and playing with people’s livelihoods must stop, and the NAACP is fighting to make sure it does. If you’re with us, please make a generous donation today to support our efforts.

Fighting forward,

Derrick Johnson
President and CEO


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