Interfaith Service kicks off the series to never forget

Click on this link to view the full program.

Teresa Hardy, NAACP Dekalb President

NAACP Dekalb partnered with several faith organizations to present an Interfaith Commemoration Service in remembrance of the victims of lynching in Dekalb county.  The program was entitled “A Journey of Remembrance and Reconciliation”.   NAACP Dekalb President, Teresa Hardy, welcomed the crowd of over 200 people to participate in the opening program of the commemoration of those known and unknown members of the African American community that were lynched in this county. 

Representatives from both the African American community and white community spoke about understanding and coming to grips with the atrocities that took place in this county.   Reverend Trent Frank of the Southern Truth and Reconciliation  (STAR) challenged those in attendance to dig deep for the truth, for the truth will set you free.  He urged the group to seek and speak the truth wherever it may be. 

The evening’s program looked at the past atrocities; moved to words about the current state of race relations; and the bell sounded for a call to commitment for the a better future.     

DCTV Channel 23 was on hand for the event.  Click on this link to view the full program.

Attorney D.E. Smith was the committee chair for this and future events in the county surrounding the remembrance of those innocent souls that perished though domestic terrorism in the early 20th century.  You can get involved and help educate others by contacting the or call the office at 404-241-8006


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