Inspiration, Liberation, and Education Highlight Jubilee Celebration

Jubilee Day: Inspiration, Liberation, Education

On New Year’s Day, the DeKalb County NAACP branch, elected officials, and the DeKalb county community gathered at Rainbow Park Baptist church in Decatur, Georgia to celebrate Jubilee day. This day is celebrated by the National Association for the Advancement for Colored People (NAACP) to recognize the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 that President Abraham Lincoln signed into law.   Jubilee Day is observed on January 1st each year by the NAACP branches in the United States. The theme this year for the event for the DeKalb County NAACP Branch was “Inspiration, Liberation, Education.”

This year’s celebration opened up with an African tribal dance entrance.  Edwina Clanton, president of the DeKalb county NAACP branch extended a warm welcome to all those in attendance. President Clanton stated, “Today’s celebration is more than a commemoration, it’s a call to action.”

Ms. Donna Dees took to the podium for special tributes to Pastor Steven N. Dial Sr. who passed away last August. Elected officials, clergy and community residents paid their respects and tributes to Pastor Dial. He was a Life Member of NAACP, Executive Committee member of the DeKalb County Branch.  Ms. Dees said that Pastor Steven Dial was more than a spiritual leader, he was an advocate for justice and equality.

Mrs. Porchse Miller introduced the speaker Mrs. Vickie B. Turner, M.Ed.  Mrs. Turner is an educational advocate who has been in education for 30 years. The scripture that she illuminated was Luke 4:18-19. Her subject was the theme for the day “Inspiration, Liberation, Education.” Mrs. Turner stated in her message “The convergence of these three will bring transformation.” She also encouraged listeners to get out of the four walls of our church and organization and become a part of the solution. In her closing, she quoted the armed forces by saying “We need just a few good men and women” to make a difference in the world.

Here the full KEYNOTE SPEECH here.


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