Housing Scams and Renters Rights

Know before you sign on the dotted line. Contact a professional that has your best interest.

Home-purchases and rental transactions both involve large amounts of cash, and cash attracts scammers.  Most people are inexperienced in this area of their life and should be wary of “special deals” and fast financing options.   There are predatory lenders in the marketplace that can challenge your knowledge with mortgage scams, bait-n-switch scams, mortgage fraud, and Loan Officers screw-ups.  Renting a house or apartment can present challenges as well.  How can you avoid being scammed or bilked out of large sums of money when purchasing or renting? 

We spoke with attorneys from Atlanta Legal Aid Society about some traps and tricks you may experience when purchasing a home and/or renting.  Since 1924, Atlanta Legal Aid Society has offered free civil legal aid for low-income people across metro Atlanta.  The organization works to help people maintain the homes they have, to increase access to affordable housing, and to improve conditions in which people live in order to help communities thrive.

Martha Jackson, Chairperson for the NAACP DeKalb County Branch Housing Committee, organized and hosted a forum on the topic of affordable housing.  The Housing Committee works with other community organizations in the area to advocate for affordable and fair housing in the Atlanta Metro Area.  The following videos are part of the effort by the branch to provide valuable and timely information to the community.

Call Atlanta Legal Aid if you are unsure. They provide free, legal service

Home Purchase Scams

  1.  How to Spot Predatory Financing Scams (in home purchases)
  2. Contract Deeds and Foreclosure
  3. Wraparound Loans and Foreclosure
You are not alone. Know your rights. When in doubt call Atlanta Legal Aid Society.

Renters Rights

  1.  Renters with disabilities
  2. Renters with Substance Abuse and Mental Health Challenges
  3. Renters with Criminal Records

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