January 18 was our first planning meeting; the members of the tam have been involved with impacting change in our community.  On Feb. 23rd, the committee members planned an implemented a Community Resource Event, in conjunction with Greenforest Community Baptist Church, Black History month celebration, and the following presenters were:

  • DeKalb County Tax Commissioner – expounding on “know what credits you qualify for” and on online available services. (Tag Registration/Renewals, property tax payments; etc.) anything you can do in person can be done online. (
  • 2020 Census – Every 10 yrs. “This year is it for us” – You have the power to impact change in your community, (schools, infrastructure (potholes in neighborhoods, resurfacing streets, transportation, schools and many others).
  • DeKalb County Probate Court – How many lives have been affected by the death of a love one who did not have a “Will”? What happens, the resources of that individual/s are   tied up in State Probate Court and the State deciding how resources should be allocated/distributed.  Then what about a “Quick Claim Deed” – it’s a legal instrument; but be knowledgeable/aware of what your primary lean holder requirements are before executing a “Quick Claim Deed” -you could still end up owing your primary lean holder.( others include: Mental Health, Guardianships; Records & Auditing Division) (
  • Atlanta Legal Aid – In the season of increased scams and phone solicitation, “know before you sign” documents” make sure the transaction is legit/legal and above board. (
  • Georgia ACT – Georgia Advancing Communities Together – This organization supports various legislation that has a positive impact on our communities and helps us to stay informed on bills (passed, pending or being proposed). The status of various legislation that helps us to make an informed decision about support or non-support of identified legislation. (
  • The Clerk of Superior Court – shared how we can but an alert on our property to protect it and know when someone is performing any kind of act on or against our property. And how important it is to be sure that your property is recorded correctly, after closing or any time. (correct name/s, address, etc.)
  • Voter Registration & Demonstration of New Voting Machine where we had over 175 individual participants. Big thank you to Patricia Miller, Chair of Keenagers at Greenforest and Dylester Scott for their help in this event.

Don’t miss out on our next meeting, April 21, as we plan for our next “Exciting & Informative Event – April 25, 2020 – “National Fair Housing Month at our General Membership meeting – 10:00 A. M. – ZOOM

Join us! Membership is only $30 annually.  “See you Soon”!  A Big Shout out to our Event Sponsor-

“Georgia ACT”

Martha Jackson, Chair

NAAXCP Housing Committee





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