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Early Voting Begins
October 12, 2020

Make the 2020 Vote and Your Census Count!

Get all the facts to be a voter for the 2020 election.  Where to register?  When is the primary?  What is my precinct?  How do I get more information?  We answer all of these questions in the 2020 voting cycle

  • October 5, 2020 - Last Day To Register for General Election
  • October 12, 2020 - Early voting begins General Election
  • October 21, 2020 - Last day to mail Absentee ballots (recommended)
  • October 30, 2020 - Last day for early voting
  • November 3, 2020 - General Election
  • December 2020 - TBD NAACP Branch Election
  • December 1, 2020 - State & Local Runoffs
  • December 7, 2020 - Federal Runoff Registration deadline
  • December 14, 2020 - Federal Early voting begins
  • January 5, 2021 - Federal Runoff Votiing

Georgia accused of wrongfully purging nearly 200,000 from voter rolls

State officials in Georgia are alleged to have wrongfully purged approximately 200,000 people from its voter rolls in 2019, according to a new report commissioned by the American Civil Liberties Union’s (ACLU) Georgia chapter.

The report, which was conducted by the nonpartisan Palast Investigative Fund, focused on the Georgia secretary of state’s announcement in October 2019 that it was planning to remove roughly 313,000 citizens from the state’s voter rolls because they had either moved, died or not participated in recent elections.


Full Story At https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/georgia-accused-of-wrongfully-purging-nearly-200000-from-voter-rolls-report/ar-BB18DKxp?ocid=a2hs

Last Day To Register Oct. 5

Hands Up! Go Vote is not just a phase. It is one of the answers for community engagement.  Even though you voted in the primaries not all political races had a victor.   VOTING for general election starts October 12.  Due to the pandemic, it is recommended that if you vote by mail or absentee, mail your ballots by Oct. 20, to allow for delays in receipt and counting of your vote.   Avoid the rush.  Avoid the last-minute reminders.   Also, if you need a ride to the polls on November 3, contact us at info@naacpDekalb.org.  We will provide safe and social distance transportation.

Learn more about how you can empower your community. When we work together, we win. naacpDekalb.org Join today

Informed Georgians for Justice

Get updated information on political races at this site. 

Informed Georgians for Justice is a non-partisan volunteer organization of concerned citizens. The organization aims to educate the voting public about the 2020 candidates for sheriff, district attorney and solicitor in all 159 counties in the state.  Many voters do not realize the impact these elected officials have on criminal justice issues.  IGJ informs citizens about the importance of voting in these elections. 

Currently, IGJ is conducting a voter education project sponsored by the Georgia NAACP.  IGJ is gathering information through a candidate questionnaire containing approximately 35 yes/no questions regarding specific criminal justice issues. The questions presented were determined with input from numerous organizations with diverse perspectives.  The responses will be utilized by the Georgia NAACP, IGJ and many other organizations to educate voters about the policy positions of the Sheriff, District Attorney and Solicitor candidates on their ballot. 

This year there are two important elections. NAACP Branch Elections and the 2020 General Election. Here is where you will get all the information about both elections

2020 General Election

WHY VOTE?  White people vote more consistently than non-whites. Older people vote more consistently than younger people. Wealthier people vote more consistently than poorer people. More educated people vote more consistently than less educated people. And the sum total of all of this is that candidates that appeal to older, wealthier, more educated white people have a built-in advantage over candidates that appeal to all the other people.  Voter education can turn these stats around.

NAACP Dekalb Branch Elections

Elections matter. All of them, not just your vote for State Governor or President of the United States. From Board of Education to Sheriff to NAACP branch officers, our elected officials/officers determine the quality of our community.  Vote your values for your branch leaders as you would the general/primary elections. To qualify for NAACP candidacy, you must be an active member in good status by April 1. Confirm your membership status at info@naacpdekalb.org

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp improperly purged 340,000 from Georgia voter rolls. Check here to make sure you are still eligible to vote in the 2020 elections

Why the Census 2020

The census determines how critical resources and political power are distributed.  FILL OUT THE CENSUS! Together, we can get our fair share.

Important Facts To Help you During Election 2020

Primary Election

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Primary election is March 24, 2020, in Georgia.  You have to show one of six approved forms of identification to vote.  VIEW FULL DETAILS.

General Election

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General elections will be November 3, 2020. You must be registered to vote by October 5, 2020. 
You can register online at: https://registertovote.sos.ga.gov/GAOLVR/welcome.do#no-back-button

NAACP Branch Election

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Branch elections impact our community just as the general election does.  Here are the rules around running for office and making a difference. 
April 1, 2020, is deadline for eligibility.


NAACP Dekalb will provide you with the lastest news that will impact your voting in 2020.  Our goal is to Educate, Equip, Empower our community.


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DISCLAIMER:  The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and does not endorse candidates or political parties, or engage in direct campaigning.
As the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organization, the NAACP actively works with our more than 2,000 branches to inform and encourage civic engagement through voter registration activities and public forums, and actively opposes voter discrimination and other policies that make it more difficult for citizens to cast their ballot.