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Become A NAACP Member Today

If you care about fighting the racial disparities that are still too prevalent in America, the NAACP is the place where you can make a difference.  As a NAACP member you can:

  • Work with activists and organizers in local NAACP branches
  • Support access to quality education, healthcare, economic opportunities
  • Advocate for laws and policies to improve your community
  • Participate in voter registration and get out the vote campaigns
  • Attend the National events and Regional conferences
  • Become a member of the oldest and boldest civil rights organization in America

Become A NAACP Member Today.

If you are interested in joining the Dekalb NAACP, please do not hesitate to purchase a membership securely via PayPal, or by printing and mailing the membership form at this link with your attached payment. Please make checks payable to DeKalb NAACP

All prices include a service handling fee.  Some restrictions apply.


Adult Memberships
Type Member
1 Adult New $33.00 USD
2 Adult Renew $33.00 USD
3 Adult Silver Life $772.00 USD
4 Subscribing Life $79.00 USD
5 Gift Membership ** $33.00 USD
6 W.I.N. *** $11.00 USD
7 Business $772.00 USD

  • Regular Adult $30 annually – includes a 1 year subscription to The CRISIS Magazine
  • Silver Life Membership  $750  –  $75 or more for 10 years
  • * When choosing Adult Renew please add your current member number in the memo section of shopping cart.
  • **When gifting a membership to family or friends please include the recipients name, email, and contact information in the memo section of the shopping cart.
  • *** When joining as a W.I.N member you must first join as an ADULT OR LIFE MEMBER or be current in either category.
Youth Memberships
1 Youth w/Crisis Mag $17.00 USD
2 Youth w/o Mag $11.00 USD
3 Jr Life $105.00 USD
4 Bronze Life $412.00 USD

(up to 20 years old)
*when paying for youth please include name, email, and contact info of youth in memo section of shopping cart.

  • Youth w/o The CRISIS Magazine $10 annually – Available to ages 20 and under
  • Youth w/The CRISIS Magazine $15 annually – Available to ages 20
  • Junior Life $100 – $25 or more annually 4 years.  Available to ages 14 to 20.
  • Bronze Life $400 – $50 or more annually for 8 years – Available to ages 14 to 20