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2023 Georgia NAACP State Conference

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The Georgia NAACP State Conference will host the event on October 5-7, 2023 at the Atlanta Marriott NW at Galleria, 200 Interstate North Pkwy SE. You can attend as an observer or delegate from our branch. Cost for each person is $50. The six delegates chosen will get a refund after the event.

Delegate Qualifications: Election of Delegates to State Convention – Representation shall be on the basis of membership as recorded in the National Office, sixty (60) days prior to the opening date of each Annual Convention. The top 12 candidates for delegate will be considered delegates and alternates. The six members with the highest vote will be the delegates and the next six members will attend as alternates.

Article IX, Section 1(a)(1) All delegates elected to the Annual Convention of a State Conference must be Members in good standing of Units in good standing within the State. All such delegates must be elected at a regular meeting of their general membership. Elected delegates must present official credential forms as provided by the State Conference at the time of registering to the Credentials Committee of the Convention. Voting at the Annual Convention –

Article IX, Section 1 (I-J) (i) All voting at the Annual Convention must be by delegates who were duly elected by their respective Unit in good standing within the State Conference. Proxy voting, absentee voting, and write-in voting are prohibited in NAACP elections. State Officers and Executive Committee members only have voting privileges if they have been duly elected by their respective Unit. (j) Unit in “good standing” within the State Conference - Delegates who register for the Convention but cannot travel to the Convention will receive an electronic ballot through Election Buddy. Delegates will be confirmed and provided with a ballot electronically using Election Buddy but are not required to be present.

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