Back Packs Full of Cash in Dekalb

The NAACP DeKalb County wants to Thank You for participating in the Free Movie Screening “Back Packs Full of Cash”. The first step in making a difference in our Community Schools is arming ourselves with information. Our hope is that you will share the information you have gained with your friends and family and take action!

You were given a few homework assignments from the movie screening. First assignment is to become familiar with Community School legislation that was introduced last year. We are hopeful it will be reintroduced again this year. Please contact your elected official to support the Community School effort (

The second assignment is an opportunity to make a difference in the DeKalb County Schools. You can decide to become a tutor to help the schools identified on the Turn Around Eligible Schools. These schools need our help in preparing for the upcoming standardized tests in the spring.You can sign up by going to This is an opportunity to make a difference…Now!!

Lastly become a member of the NAACP DeKalb County Branch. Freedom is Not Free! Please join us at

Again thank you for making the decision to get involved !!

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